The Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation

The Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (MSTUCA) invites young people who want to devote their lives to Civil Aviation and get a very interesting and prestigious profession, become acquainted with experienced and well-wishing professors and make new friends.
The Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation is a leading aerospace institution of higher education in Russia which trains civil aviation specialists in the maintenance of aircrafts.
The MSTUCA graduates get job not only in Civil Aviation and transport field but also in other industries. The University cooperates with many foreign educational institutions and trains foreign students from more than 35 countries.
The University departments are headed by experienced scientists-academicians. There are professors and academicians from different public and scientific Academies in Russia and abroad. Renowned figures of science and technology are among them. The training and research laboratories
are equipped with modern computers, instruments and devices, stands, simulators, working models of aviation equipment, technical training and knowledge test aids. This makes it possible to conduct classes and carry out scientific work at modern level of science and technology.
The University library contains textbooks on specialties of all the departments; there are publications on actual problems of science, technology and social sciences. It is one of the best aviation-oriented libraries in Russia.
Digital library resources are part of the MSTUCA library, which is regularly replenished by works of our University professors.
The MSTUCA has a hostel located in a park near the University and the underground station. The students live in rooms for 2 or 3 persons. Living alone is possible if there is an available room. There are good conditions for studying in the hostel too.
The University’s facilities provide good conditions for amateur activities, student’s festivals, concerts of masters of art and popular musical groups. The University has a sports complex and many athletes clubs.

Foreign students have classes together with Russian students. Studying is conducted in Russian language.
Foreign citizens, who speak Russian, take the admission exams for the first year course at the MSTUCA.
Foreign citizens, who do not speak Russian, have an opportunity to take a one-year PreUniversity course.

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